Cleaning Rabbit Vibrators Can Extend Their Life Span

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How To Properly Clean Your Rabbit Vibrators

You’ve already taken the first step and decided to purchase one of the rabbit vibrators for yourself, but do you honestly know what you have gotten yourself into? I’m not saying anything against the rabbit vibrators; in fact, I use these toys myself and absolutely love the orgasms that I experience with them. What I am trying to say is do you properly know how to take care of your rabbit vibrators?

Believe it or not, most girls do not have any idea how to properly care for rabbit vibrators. You don’t have to do anything special with these toys, but you do need to take some time out of your day to clean them from time to time. You probably instantly ripped the packaging off of your rabbit vibrator when it arrived and went straight to work?

Well, instead of lying there in ecstasy, you must get up and go clean your vibrator shortly after it has been used. By practicing regular rabbit vibrator care techniques, you can ensure that your new magical toy is going to give years of pleasure.

What Materials Are Your Rabbit Vibrators Made From?

If you have no idea how to clean one of these rabbit vibrators, then before you do something wrong, you need to determine what type of material that your toy is made from. By determining the materials that were used to create your toy, you can determine what cleaning products are going to be safe to use on the outer surface of the sex toy. Sex toys can either be made from porous or non-porous materials. The problem is there are two different cleaning methods for these two different types of materials.

Cleaning Porous Rabbit Vibrators

Toys that are made from porous materials feel outstanding when they are in use. However, regardless of how great these toys may feel, they still need to be cleaned after they have been used. Porous materials have the ability to hide unclean elements inside of them. You do not want any of these elements to make their way inside of your body, causing you to suffer from a bacterial infection.

The best way to clean rabbit vibrators that are porous is to use basic sex toy cleaner. Apply sex toy cleaner to a rag, and use the rag to wipe the toy off. During the cleaning process is important to not be too abrasive, or you could ruin the toy. If you want to keep your porous rabbit vibrators clean for a long period of time, you can always place a condom over them before use.

Cleaning Non-Porous Rabbit Vibrators

Non-porous rabbit vibrators are a lot easier to clean in comparison to the porous ones. To clean off a non-porous rabbit vibrator, put some hot water or sex toy cleaner on a rag combined with a little bit of water. It is important that the rag is not soaking wet, because then you risk the chance of shorting out the vibrator, making it inoperable for future use.

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